I’m not 100% of correct terms. But it’s been a fantasy of mine, except I do not know how to approach her with the subject.

If you’re not certain of the terms, then you really haven’t spent enough time researching this.

Contrary to what some people here have said, you’re not crazy, you’re not stupid and you’re not (incredibly) weird. I’m pretty sure the percentage figure is in the single numbers, but there are a lot of men who have fantasies similar to yours.

I think you would be wise to spend some time looking around the Internet for websites aimed at guys with interests similar to your own. When you find them, be very careful not to accept everything at face value: sometimes people with very active imaginations and well-developed fantasies will present them as fact. It would be unwise to seek to learn any lessons about how this fantasy plays out in real life from the stories those people relate.

Getting a third party involved in you marriage is a very risky proposition for all sorts of reasons. I think you would be wise to see how far you can take this idea while keeping it firmly in the realms of fantasy you share with your wife before you consider making it reality.

The first step in that is explaining to your wife what you’ve been thinking about in a way that will not leave her feeling confused or like you have any interest in getting rid of her. If this sort of thing is going to work well in the real world, it requires a lot of trust, a lot of honest communication and a very sound relationship to start with.

If you think any of those would be difficult for you to manage, then maybe the wisest thing would be for you to stick with kinky little films running in the privacy of your own head while you and your wife are making love.

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