Are you are considering spying on your ex in an attempt at getting back together?

Just how far are you going to take this spying? I mean you will be able no doubt  to gather some  solid, concrete proof for what your ex is up to.Why not gather a few of your trusted friends to help,  its got to be  better to have a few set of eyes looking at what your ex is doing right.  Why don’t  you dress up like a real detective, dark galsses you know what i mean being discreet and maintaining a safe distance between your ex. Then you could take it to the next leve.


Get a binoculars maybe a  camera with decent zoom. Tap their cell-phone,what about a gadget that captures sound from a distant, or  maybe even place some mini microphones so you can record exactly what he is saying. And if you really feal like splashing out why not hire a private investigator.

So after all this unerhanded activity just what will you have.You will not only have wasated a awful lot of your time to  obtain the  information about you ex’s daily routine,where he goes, what  he dos when he gets there,who he’s seing. All this has to be undertaken don’t forget while  you have your own work and activities to attend too. Now just step back and ask your self just how is this going to seriously help in getting back together with your ex.

You must to step back and take a look at your life.You need to start to  develop a passion for your life. Wouldn’t it be better if you could wake up in the morning and feel  extremely grateful to be alive and love who you are,not worrying about what your ex is up to. Would’nt it be great if you where actively  pursueing your passions rather than putting all that energy into some thing negative. Start to follow your  dreams and desires. What is it that you truly want to experience? What is holding you back from making it become a reality?Scared of failure or are you simply holding onto your past and the safety of what you know.

One thing to must remember. You only have one life and you get the choice of how you wish to live it. Learnt  to develop that passion for your life. As you learn how to develop it  you will gain the courage to move forward.  And in moving forwar you will stand a much better chance of getting  back togethere with your ex .